Does Seperation between couples means end of Love?

A strange topic, Why even question the aspect of love when you are separated; When two people have lived together, memories of their past lives cannot be erased. However bad the experience of living with someone was there are hidden sweet memoirs in their mind that they have lived together. Circumstances and the heat of the moment may force a person to declare, “I do not love you anymore” or “I am leaving.” but soon he or she may perceive that this announcement has disturbed every aspect of their lives. In such unwanted situation; you might be feeling scared and confused, not knowing what to do next. And the truth is that you are not alone. You will find lot of other people who are not willing to discuss this problem openly with others and are totally indecisive ‘I do not know what to do but the thought of divorce makes your heart sink any moment.

List of reasons for getting separated may be quite long. It may be rough and violent behaviors with each other, interference of third person in the relation,excessive intervention of mother-in-law and so on.

We all complain of disharmony in married life although we were never forced to  get married to each other but they themselves opt to go for marriage as they find compatibility in the attitudes and behavior of each other. Where is the slip then?

Since we live in a society where divorce is considered to be a curse, this sense of insecurity ,makes you think about the abandonment even more or is it after getting married you have fallen in love ?  or the realisation strikes during separation?

Probably, we get used to each other behavior whether we like it or not?

But the point is can the trust be Re-built? Do you keep loving after being seperated too?